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Over the last few weeks we have been confronted with a lot of downloading faults of our CRM. When i go to contact - contacts - table actions, export view. I get the following message: Hmm Something went wrong on our end. Please try exporting again in a few minutes.


In the past it happend once or twice a month, right now it is happening every single day. 


Via chat i have received the following instructions:

So that we can rule out a few different things, your best next step would be to:
  • Clear your browser cache - On Google Chrome, you need to select to clear data "all-time" data, not just the last hour in both the basic and advanced tab - this will make sense as you follow the directions linked.
  • Make sure you are on the latest version of Google Chrome
  • Try it again using an incognito window (Chrome Menu → File → New Incognito Window)

I have tried them all, but they do not work. 


What can I do to export again?

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Community Manager

Hi @MSeniorenvoor 


Thank you for reaching out and explaining what you've done already. 


- Can you try this with another browser? 

- In addition, is this happening to multiple people in your company or just you? 

- Do you have this issue only when you try to import this, or with other types of export in your HubSpot portal as well? 


Thank you!



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