Enriching Leads in Hubspot CRM with Third Party Data

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I am wondering what other B2B companies are doing for lead enrichment. We utilize third party services such as SimilarWeb and SimilarTech. I'd like to only ask leads for 4-5 fields and enrich the leads automatically using the URL. 


One option is for us to build an API interface into these two tools and then run a daily job against HubSpot CRM. I was wondering if anyone is using any tools that automatically do this or if they have built their own solutions that they could recommend.



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Hey @tlegwinski what do you mean by lead enrichment? Forgive my ignorance!

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Hi, I mean enriching attributes in the HubSpot CRM with services like BuiltWith, SimilarWeb, ClearBit, SimilarTech. Most vendors listed above do not support HubSpot through a direct connection, all support Salesforce.  The only vendor who does is Datanyze and they cost $3K/month which is too expensive. So we are forced to use Zapier or do an API integration, which is difficult with limited resources. 


The two use cases are:

1.) Inbound Weblead -  that is submitted through a HubSpot form, we would like to enrich it using the listed tools above, to add in their website traffic, eCommerce, Platform, Job Title and other attributes. 

2.) HubSpot CRM - monthly/quarterly updates to scan company attributes to ensure that the customer has not switched platforms or jobs and/or to fill in empty properties. 


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Thanks for posting this helpful question about automating the enrichment process. Personally, I use a contractor (or virtual assistant) in India to manually update contacts in our CRM using info from Zoominfo.


Not sure how many contact records you're adding per month, and I don't have any first-hand experience with Datanyze, but it looks like they offer a $300/month plan for 10,000 contacts here: https://www.datanyze.com/pricing?tab=data-enrichment

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I will echo the request for an integration with ZoomInfo. At my last company where we used Salesforce, it was super helpful! If we import a list of contacts with companies and emails, ZoomInfo would automatically fill in the missing info (phone number, location, etc). Huge time-save.

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We (ReachForce) just launched our HubSpot Integration, which is a suite of data management tools that ensures records are complete and accurate by verifying, standardizing and enriching the data through your forms, list upload and continuously monitors the data over time. We also have a prospecting tool, Audience Builder.