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I don't fully understand how the emails information (opened, replied and etc.) works...


1. How do I get a number of how many emails a specific contact got? Including Marketing, Sales, gmail integration, everything.

2. How can I report by week or month on how many emails sent/opened/replied? again including the gmail integartion.

3. What does "No Value" means on the email status? (sent, bounced and etc.)

4. I guess that if I'm CC'ing someone from my company it also count him as an opened email and even replied, can I change that?

5. If a contact had an automathic reply, does it count?


Thanks in advanced!

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Hello @LAshtar,


I think you should be able to do this using HubSpot Marketing Email API, this is the documentation:


Also, you can filter the request in the request URL according to your convenience. You can use the endpoint documented here:


Then in the response, you will get IDs returned and by using these IDs you can get the stats for an individual email through the endpoint documented here:


hope this will help you

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Hi Himanshu, thanks for the response.


I'm not a programmer so I don't really know how to use all of it. I'm looking for a solution through HubSpot as is.