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If I sent an email to recepient A but also have a CC to b,c, and d, I want to file this e-mail into Contact A (that has the recepient's e-mail address) Whilst this is possible to achieve at the time of sending, I am stuck for a solution if I already sent the e-mai - If I try to file such an e-mail, HibSpot assumes that I want to file this to "b" and not the recepient A. This is a big issue since I have many past e-mails that I need to file into the correct recepient's Contact.

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HI @RobertCzik  You are correct that you can't log a past email to a contact record. The logging functionality only works when a message is sent originally. Your best bet here is to copy the email into a note and log it to the record that way. 


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Hey @RobertCzik

It is possible  manually forward an email to [Your Hub ID] and the message will be appended to the contact record in the CRM. You can find your Hub ID in the top right-hand corner of your HubSpot account (more information here). 

There are a few things to keep in mind when forwarding replies to the CRM:

  • This can only be done on an email by email basis, not in bulk. 
  • Ensure that you are forwarding the individual reply email (avoid forwarding other parts of the email chain). The forwarded message header generated by your email client must be present and in English:


  • Ensure that the email address you are forwarding the email from is a Sales user in the CRM
  • Ensure the contact does not have the same email domain (what comes after the @ in an email address) as the user forwarding the email to the CRM

The forwarded email will appear in the contact's timeline like this:

If the person that had sent you the original email is not present in your HubSpot CRM, forwarding the message will automatically create a contact for you. With this feature, your sales team will no longer need to create all new contacts directly in your HubSpot CRM, nor copy and paste an email message from their email Inbox; the forwarding address handles it all!

Let me know if you have any follow up questions!