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I’m working with a client, who has multiple deals for the same contacts. For example he could be working on 3 projects (deals) and those three project have 4 different contacts, but 1 contact might be on all 3.


This is all fine and works well.


The trouble they are having is when they are emailing a contact, the email is being added to all deals and as such confusing for our client when they look at a deal as it hold a lot of unrelated information - or relating to another deal)


Is there anyway to not automatically store information via emails into deals? They could then ‘assign’ the emails they want to pop in there.

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Hi @mrpauljackson,


It is common for 1 contact to have 3 deals. Imagine a parent as a contact and they have 3 children enrolled in school. These 3 children would be 3 different deals for the same contact.


If the sending of e-mails is being done for all deals, I believe that there may be the error. I didn't understand your question 100%, but I understand that a well-designed workflow can feed deals without causing confusion, then you would need to understand the flow of your emails, how many agents you have and other questions to help you better. The ideal would be a consultancy, at least in my case to understand.


If no one can find a practical solution in the comments, send the NA5 link if you want to contact us.


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We offer many services that our clients need to apply for. We're operating with a lot of pipelines and stages. At any given moment, a contact may have 5+ deals in our system. Each pipeline is managed by a different department and user based on the service. For the automations and emails to work, you need to craft workflows that segment your deals or contacts into the right category. For instance, if you want to send an email to a deal where the contact has multiple deals, make sure the enrollment criteria is set for that stage. I use custom fields to identify the exact criteria as an example, "Marketing Services". It all really depends how you segment your fields and your workflows. Hope this helps. 

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Hey @mrpauljackson!


Based on your post, it sounds as though your client is sending one-to-one emails to contacts through their email client, using the HubSpot Sales extension, is that correct? If so, when sending a logged email this will automatically be associated to the recipient's contact record, its associated company record, and the five most recent open deal records associated to the contact.


Currently there is not a way to prevent this association when sending emails through an email client using the HubSpot Sales extension. If your client would like to prevent this association from happening, one option for them is to send emails directly from the CRM, as this allows for users to select which records they would like the email to be associated with. More on how to associate activities with records within HubSpot is outlined here for reference.