Email address not auto populating for custom objects

I have a custom object built out with Contacts associated to each "object." When I select the email button, it doesn't auto populate the associated contact's email address. I have to type it in. Is there a way to fix this?

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Teilnehmer/-in | Diamond Partner

Email address not auto populating for custom objects

This would be nice to have! The email field populates automatically for Company and Deal records, but not for custom object records. Even if it's an option that you can toggle on/off, that would be great!


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Email address not auto populating for custom objects

Hi @gerr,

Thank you for posting in the Community and for your valuable feedback!

I encourage you to post this idea on our Ideas Forum here.

And I'd recommend supporting the Idea with an upvote and explaining your use case in the comments.

Our product team uses that forum to collect ideas on how we can improve the product for our customers.

Product pays particular attention to the top voted ideas & takes them into consideration along with other feedback channels as well as their own vision to understand what features will be most valuable.

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Email address not auto populating for custom objects

Hey @MLeonard54, thanks for reaching out! 


Do you see somewhere that the email address from the contact is supposed to automatically copy over to your custom object? I haven't heard of that functionality before, but I could be missing something.


I believe that all you're doing by creating the association is defining the relationship between both items. If you want to copy data between them, you should be able to accomplish that with a workflow (more info in this HubSpot Knowledge Base article). You'd just need a workflow that copies the email of the associated contact into your email property on your custom object when the association is established (or some other trigger that you define).


Hope this helps, but let me know if I'm totally missing something here! Thanks!

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