E-mail Sequencing and Sales Pro subscriptions


I am evaluating different ways to make a sales prospecting sequence.

What I have planned is a 3 e-mail sequence. The first offer. A reminder and lastly a break-up e-mail. If there hasn't been any contact with the prospect.


To my knowledge, this could kinda be done with workflows. But I would like an automation that would remove a contact from the e-mail drip if any kind of contact has been made. Be it a phone call, email or maybe even booking a meeting.

I understand that this needs Sales Pro e-mail sequencing. Correct?


Now, I am not in sales, but in marketing. So I would be planning, setting up and launching the sequencing blasts. 

My initial understanding is that the sales guys would need their own Sales Pro subscriptions.

I'm not entirely sure would I as marketer also need the Sales Pro? To be able to set-up, launch and later monitor the performance of said email sequences/ drips.

Or is it possible to set up and send the e-mails on behalf of the sales persons without the Sales Pro in my account. If they have the subscription.



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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Joonas thanks for your question. I would definitely recommend using sequences for the benefit of reply tracking/un-enrollment. Workflows don't have this specific capability, however use "Goals" to unenroll contacts. 


With the free Sales tools, each user is allowed 5 sequences and 5 templates, but they'll be limited to the first 5 created in the portal. 


You won't be able to send emails on behalf of a sales person, you can only send from your own account. However, if you create a sequence or a template it could be shared with your team. 


I hope this helps!