Duplicate Contact Properties - Hubspot owned and created by user - can they be consolidated

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I have inherited Hubspot with quite a lot of old data already in it. One of the issues I have is that there are mulitple contact properties for things such as job title, email, etc. These are the original ones as standard properites created by hubspot and ones that have been created by other users. In the example of job tilte both versions of the property have contacts in. Is there a best practice way to consolidate everything into the hubspot original property so I can delete the addtional one.  I'm bringing new memeber of my team into the system and don't want to make things confusing for them. 




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Hi @KristieSan 


Your best bet to resolve this is probably export the data in the duplicate properties to Excel and cleanse/consolidate it there before reimporting it in to HubSpot and deleting the redundant properties. You can move data from one property to another using workflows but this approach requires knowing exactly what data is there and which values are correct - which isn't always possible.


Hope this  helps.

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