Display Information of linked objects in Deal Workflows

Hello Everyone, 


we have built a setup in HubSpot where the Deal object functions for us as an appointment that a customer can book with one of our owned locations. 

What I mean by that as an example:

a customer goes to our website and books an appointment at a specific location

--> then a deal gets created which is associated with the contact that booked the appointment, associated with the location of the appointment (which is the company object of hubspot) and also associated with a custom object which would we the contact person for the appointment 
--> based on these deals (appointments) we want to send communication to the contact with information from all of these objects


The question now is, how can we display in the messages information from the company object and the custom object (contact person)?


When we do this now with personalisation tokens the company information stays empty (even tho the deal is linked to a contact and company). 

We know that we can assign a contact to a company but this then would be independent from the deal and the situation is that our customers can go to multiple locations (companies). So a customer is not always linked to 1 single company.

Thank your for every helpful answer.

PS: we are on Marketing Enterprise and Operations Hub Professional

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Display Information of linked objects in Deal Workflows


thank you both for your answers here and the help. (and sorry for my late reply)

Maybe a little bit more explanation, we want to send Emails to contacts when deals get created. The emails then contain deal, company and contact personalisation tokens. 

Every Deal is associated like this with all other objects:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-12 um 12.05.21.png

The workflow then sends messages based on the deal stage to the contact:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-02-12 um 12.10.52.png

What for us doesn't work is that company or custom object information is included in the email with the personalisation tokens. They are always empty.

thanks for the help

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Thought Leader | Platinum Partner

Display Information of linked objects in Deal Workflows

Hey @PZimathies 

I'd think that what you need is a custom coded programmable email that 'd be able to show custom information such as associated deals to a contact (or custom objects).

Because as you said, token are not going to work with multiple records.

If you need help from us building it, you can chat with Martín here

hope this helps

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Display Information of linked objects in Deal Workflows

Hi @PZimathies,


I think I understand what you are trying to do here. You are looking to send a notification through a workflow that contains information about the deal, the company and the contact - is that correct?


I would need a bit more information about how the objects are set up and linked together, and would also like to see how the workflow is built. If you could send a couple of screenshots over I would be happy to take a look 🙂.