Different Contacts from same Source are added into the same Contact




I have my products being sold in a Platform (for example Standvirtual), and I receive a lot of leads from there.

Everytime I get a lead, I get an e-mail with the name, number and message of that lead.

The problem is, the e-mail is always the same (it's a noreply e-mail), and Hubspot only recognizes that to generate and save contacts, which creates two problems:

1. The "Standvirtual" contact has dozens of messages (from different contacts) all agregated in one

2. I don't have a contact created for each lead I receive. The only way I can add that contact is manually, and it's really boring and time consuming, which removes completely the "advantage" of using Hubspot.


When I used the CRM of my own website, it recognized that information and presented the contacts correctly (saying the source was Standvirtual). In terms of configuration, Standvirtual sended that "lead e-mail" to a special e-mail linked to my website. Not sure if I should do that with Hubspot?

Any ideas how to solve it?

Hope my explanation are enough to make you understand my problem, since I'm not a tech specialist! 

Edit: I contacted the Platform and it seems although I receive all the leads from the same e-mail (noreply), if I choose "reply" in my e-mail, it replies to the contact/lead e-mail, not the noreply e-mail. Not sure it helps, but they say all the CRM "read" the e-mail font and are able to get the contact e-mail from the Reply-To: line.

Thank you kindly 

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I got your pain. I think you are actually receiving an email when order gets placed in that platform you have integrated with HubSpot.

In this case you need to worked on integration again but problem is stays in integration what I understand. What you are expecting to capture by HubSpot is whenever any product got sold HubSpot will get data of that buyer and new contact get created on your HubSpot portal.

So let me know more about the platform on which you are selling your product so that I can help you more on that.

Thank you