Deleting synced deals after syncing and more

Hi, I am tasked with migrating deals from Pipedrive to Hubspot. The client is currently on holiday and anyway I want to keep it low touch and make a lot of the decisions without needing to run a lot of meetings. They have several pipelines in Pipedrive, but only Sales Starter in Hubspot, so I am trying to import all of the deals into one pipeline. My solution is to import them all with Pipedrive pipelines and respective stages as properties and then create views by filtering.

I will also do my best to move the deals from the main pipeline into the correct stage, even though the stages are different in Hubspot.. 
I am also thinking of moving some info from deals that are not in the main converting pipeline to Company level and creating views in Companies view.

Later on, I might delete a big part of the deals that are no longer serving a purpose.
Can someone poke holes in this approach and let me know if there's anything that I am missing? I want to avoid dirtying the data through deletions and similar. Thank you!

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Community Manager

Deleting synced deals after syncing and more

Greetings @filipg,


We appreciate your inquiry.


I would like to involve some of our experts : @deepikaverma@Phil_Vallender@christopher-RVO  to tap into their insights. They could potentially offer solutions or draw from their experiences if they've faced a comparable scenario.


Thank you for your valuable contributions! 😊


Best regards,


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