Deleted a custom property -- deleted all the data in the records


I accidentally deleted all the contents of a custom property on all our contacts.  


We have a custom property called contact type sub category.  It has a list of 8 drop down types.  I went in to add another one, and it looked like I added a blank one and when I selected it, I hit clear all and it wiped out  ALL of the DATA across the whole database. 

When we talked to hubspot support they said it was gone, or could not be restored. 

Can this be true?  Anyone have experience with this? 

PLEASE HELP !!  If possible. 

Thank you. 

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Hi @Dolly8 ,

So when you hit clear all the data, did you save the property too? Coz when making any change in the peroperty, it will ask you to save it. If yes, then unfortunately you won't be able to restore them. While deleting the drop down options, you have deleted the stored values also. Now you have to create a new property and then update it for all the contacts.

Hope this helps!

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