Delete ToDos when client responds

Hello there, I am currently evaluating Hubspot for my company, hence I we will most likly upgrade the plan to professional. Also hope this is the right board to post on.


When I want to follow up on a client, be it offer, questions, information, etc. I would asume to use ToDos, makes sense. However is there a way to delete those ToDos after an Response via Mail or Call made them obsolete?

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Delete ToDos when client responds

Hi @BHörmann,


Not that I know of, unfortunately. While a Professional subscription includes workflows, activites (and tasks belong to those) cannot be enrolled in workflows and not be edited/updated in an automated way.


(Task automation can be set up in a way that minimizes redundancy however. This depends on the exact requirements.)


If you'd like to discuss this a bit more in detail or have questions about a solid foundation in a Professional portal, feel free to schedule a meeting with me here. I've helped customers who were about to upgrade to Professional in the past, clarifying critical questions before the purchase.


Best regards!

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