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I have created categories within "Lead Status" (e.g. "Answered: Potential Deal"; "Answered: not interested" etc). This way I can easily track and filter the situation for each contact.
I have noticed that, when a contact is created automatically through hubspot extension (Gmail - Log), the Lead Status is automatically marked as "Aswered: not interested".
This is a problem and I would prefer this field to be empty until a complete it myself manually. 

How can I choose the default Lead status? 
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Hi @Anafp , 


Could it be that the lead status is changed by a workflow?


You can check where your property is being used by going to the specific property via HubSpot settings. In the 'used in' column you can see where (in which workflow) the property is used.


Another way to find out why this property has been changed is to view the log of a contact. In the left sidebar is the 'view property history' button that you can click on. There you can see what caused a contact to be given this lead status.


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