Deals which are associated with more than 1 task


Long story short, I am looking for a way to identify deals where more than 1 task has been created and associated with that deal. Is there any way to locate these deals?

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Hi @brandonmendez,


There are three default deal properties that include task dates in their criteria: 

Last activity date

Next activity date

Number of sales activities 


While none of these are specifically based on tasks, you cannot filter based on deals that have more than one activity. If you would like to be able to filter on tasks, I would recommend creating a custom property and filling in this information when creating tasks. 


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Also with the reporting tool, you might have access to cross object reports. So you could do a Deals + Activities report. Might let you do some form of grouping/count to see deals that have multiple tasks on the open at any given time. Worth playing around with for sure!

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