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We have deal records associated to the company. We do not want all timeline activity from the deals to appear on the company record. I understand we can uncheck the company when leaving a note, task, email, etc. (cumbersome but, it works). My question is if the deal is associated with the company, we still see the timeline activity on the company record when the deal stage is changed; is there a way to remove this activity from the company record? I've searched for a way to disassociate the notice in timeline but, can't find anything. We want to have our company record's timeline clean except in the case that we want to add any information necessary for any future deal or exisiting deal specific to company info like PO required to order - 



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Speaking from my own experience with our clients (and without having information on your own sales process), having that type of information on the company record can be very useful for sales reps.


Have you considered using the filters in the Activity view? This will allow you to choose specifically what you want to show up when you're viewing the record, as shown below. In your case, you'll want to uncheck "Deal Activity".


Hope this helps!Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 1.15.46 PM.png