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Deals - College/Student


Hello everybody!

Anyone could give me an example of how to use 'Deals' for students/college?

I am a marketing manager of a college within 22 qualifications, weekly intake dates (students can jump in in courses in progress), different fees, and four deliver modes.

I'm getting crazy trying to figure out the best way to use 'Deals'.

Thank you!

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I spend the majority of my time with an online institution.  This is a big question but to answer the deals part of it.


We use deals to move students through a student journey. For example admissions to advising to capstone. So 3 deal boards, all three have different deal property groups we use to help with data and milestones. 


You're going to have to be really good with custom properties and data management. We use a data warehouse to manipulate data before it enters Hubspot for a multitude of reasons from accreditation to marketing enablement. 


Hope that helps!


Thank you, Mark.

It could be a solution. 

We use Hubspot for sales and marketing, once we close a student, we sent him/her to Asana (Students Support).

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