Deal with different contact association level




I have a doubt (or suggestion if it is not possible right now).

In my business we can have more than one associated contact to a deal, like 2 or 3 contacts in the same deal. But theses contacts should not receive the same communication in any hypothesis, is like we have different contact associations level (like contact level 1, contact level 2, etc).
We are a fintech company, so our products are pretty different from a normal sales process. The first contact may be taking a loan and the second one could be just a guarantor to that operation, so he is not interested in to receive any communications about that deal, except for Contract and things like that.


My question is: how can I differentiate these contacts in HubSpot? Specially in workflows that send automatic emails based in certains characteristics of the deal (like warning user he needs to do something or inviting to our community). The secondary users should never receive any of these emails.

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