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I would like to be able to create a new "Property" where the "Object Type" is for a "Deal".


On this new property, the "Field Type" should be a "Hubspot Contact".


Essentially I'm looking to create a custom property on a deal, which allows me to reference a Contact in our Hubspot account.


The intended use case is as follows. Many of clients or deals originate from an Agent or Introducer. We store the contact details of our Agents/Introducers as a Contact and Company in the same way we would do that for an actual client. When create a Deal for an actual client, I would like to be able to have a field whereby I can tag or reference who the Introducer of that deal was by linking or referencing a Contact. 


Can anyone advise if this is possible?

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Currently, you may be able to solve for your use case by just adding the Agent or Introducer to the deal using the '+Add' link in the Contacts card in the right sidebar of the deal record -- also see Get started with objects.


If that doesn't meet your need, keep watching for some exciting announcements in the next 90-days!


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Thanks for the suggestion. However this doesn't really achieve what we want. We want to have a specific record of who the Introucer/Agent is, set up as a property of the Deal, rather than linking them to the deal as a Contact object (which would link all correspondance/communication from them too).


We may have other contacts linked to the deal for a variety of other reasons, and then there would be no way to know who the introducer was.


Also, we may want to perform certain actions, or have filters around this specific property, which would not be achieveable with linking as an Object.


Thanks again for the suggestion, please keep them coming. Maybe there is another way.