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In the Deal section, whenever I choose a contact attached to that specific Deal A, HS pulls in notes, meeting invites, and comments for other deals that are attached to that contact. I would like to see only notes, meeting invites and comments for that Deal A and not all the deals information attached to that contact. 


My organization has a big channel partner system and contacts are attached to multiple deals.

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Hi @tlyiscott,


Thanks for reaching out.

It looks like you have access to HubSpot Technical Support . As troubleshooting this further will involve sharing information specific to your account and specific examples, partnering with them will be the best next step.


Take care!


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Hello Jess,


Yes I submitted a ticket already. The response came back explaining I should just deselect the Contact attached to the deal, which is not what I am looking for because I want the notes, emails etc. regarding that deal with that contact to stay attached in the record