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Hello - I am using the free version of hubspot and so far so good we have not had any issues up until now. Initially, we set up the properties on the "create deal" feature, to prompt the sales guy to enter -  Address, email address, phone number, and a few other misc properties. We have a sales user who is trying to enter a new deal and these custom properties are not showing up on his end. Not only are they not showing up for him, but when we view the deal on our design side (super admin) they are not listed as properties of the deal. Other salesguys are not having any issues like this. We checked to make sure he has access to veiw and edit these properties and everything shows a green light. Is anyone having a similar issue and has a solution? I know it's a very oddly specific question but please let me know if I can elaborate on any specifics.


Thank you in advance,


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Hey @Accelerate


Can you please share the email address of the user in question along with screenshots of what the user is seeing, what you are expected the user to be seeing, and what you are seeing within the super admin's login? 




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