Deal Limits

I have noticed a limit on the amount of associated leads that can be added into a deal.

I think the limit is 1,000, but our events we run can go into the 10,000s.


Is this currently being looked into to increase the limit? Can anyone recommend an alternative for the time being that doesn't involve setting up two deals that are for the same thing?

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Deal Limits

Hi @HHoyle 


So in your case a deal = an event, did I get that right? Just some initial questions that are popping into my head:


  • How many of those events are you running?
  • What HubSpot subscription tier do you have?
  • Have you considered custom objects?
  • Could the event not just be a deal property, i.e. event name? Which would give you 10000 contacts with 1 deal each (10000 deals total) that are all marked "event name" = event A?



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