Deactivated User is Removed from Team

We have a situation where a sales rep has left the company so we deactivated and removed them from HubSpot. The issue we are having is that all of our reporting is organized by Teams. When we removed that user, his Closed Won Revenue (while he was still active in HubSpot) was removed from that Team. The only way around it was to remove the Team filter and add in every user one by one (including the deactivated) which as you can imagine is not efficient as people come and go. Any ideas on how to keep the Team revenue intact when someone leaves?

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Deactivated User is Removed from Team

We have the same issue and it was a not a pretty discovery when presenting EoQ sales results, I had so far kept a consistent procedure with the users in the Team and Deactivated them (which seems to be the logical proceedings..)  I have reached out to our CSM so hopefully there wil be a resolution soon!  

(Sometimes I wonder how organisations with tens and tens of reps deal with these changes..) 



Deactivated User is Removed from Team

A user's membership gets automatically updated along with the team's active directory. Users get added and removed automatically as they join and leave the organization.




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Deactivated User is Removed from Team

Hey @SComeau, thanks for sharing! Deactivated users will still show up in user filters, but they are removed from teams like you're seeing. As far as I know, you have two options here if you don't want to use the HubSpot team filter:


Option 1: Keep the current user profile (and change the password)

If you're not able to use individual user filters and need team filters, you do have the option to keep the HubSpot user active. That will allow them to remain a member of the team. Just be sure to change the user's email account password so that they aren't able to attempt to access their HubSpot account. I wouldn't recommend this option unless it's absolutely necessary.


You might also want to consider creating a new dummy HubSpot user that will exist to "own" the assets previously owned by the former sales rep(s). No one will be actively using this profile, but you can bulk assign the former rep's closed deals to preserve that historical data. You could then add that user to the team so their "owned" revenue would be included in HubSpot team reporting. And you could use a single dummy user for each team — if another rep leaves, you can assign their deals to this user since you're just preserving historical data. Just be sure to reassign any contacts/companies/open deals accordingly so they don't get lost in the former rep's list!


Option 2: Use a custom team property

This is a bit of a workaround, and I'm not sure if they issue you described happens enough to warrant this, but you could create your own layer of report filtering instead of using the HubSpot team filter. You could even recreate the team dropdown property and create workflows that will update that custom property value based on the user (i.e., if "Owner" is any of "Team A member 1," "Team A member 2," "or Team A member 3," then set "HubSpot Team Dropdown" to "Team A"). Since that workflow is firing off of the actual HubSpot user, not the HubSpot team affiliation, you would be able to "tag" contacts based on team.


You could then use that custom team property as yur report filter to pull in deactivated users. Again, this is a decent lift for an issue that may not be super common, but I wanted to throw it out there!


Hope this helps!!


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