Data migration from Bitrix24 to HubSpot?

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I'm using Bitrix24 as CRM, How I can export all deals from Bitrix24 to HubSpot CRM?

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Hi Hatim!

At Elixir Solutions, we built a connector between Hubspot and multiple CRM solutions.

More information about it here: 


It's perfectly possible to use it for migration from Bitrix24 to Hubspot :).  
Of course you don't need to buy the whole year contract but you can leverage this solution for a one-time data migration.

For more information, you can contact us at

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Hi there!


There is a service data2crm. It offers possibility to perform data export Bitrix24 to HubSpot CRM. If you’re interested in trying free demo, feel free to direct message me and I’d be happy to help!


With respect, Ivan

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I need to migrate from Bitrix24 to hubspot!

I have made another migration with your company few years ago.

How much will you charge for 605 contacts and 900 companies?

Thank you!

Make me a deal I can not refuse!

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Hi there @ER
Thanks for your interest! Great to know that you already used our service. Currently, data2crm offers up to 50% OFF on automated migration to HubSpot CRM. Also, you are always free to estimate your migration cost on our pricing page. I can't mail you in the direct message with detailed info and your proposal, so, please, just drop a line to Irene, data2crm account manager or contact us via our site...

Hope for a future cooperation! With respect, Ivan.


p.s. happy holidays and good luck with your project!