DIY 2022 HubSpot Marketing Strategy Walkthrough

MLT_Creative_logo.pngDIY 2022 HubSpot Marketing Strategy Walkthrough

Wednesday, November 17th | 12:00 PM (EST)

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As a part of the HubSpot User Group(s) (HUGs) program, the Atlanta HUG led by HubSpot partner MLT Creative is excited to host their next event!


If you haven't finished (or started) your 2022 marketing strategy yet, we want to help you tackle it in a fast, straightforward, structured, and proven process.


We'll openly share our system for addressing your target audience, messaging, content plan, CRM, and marketing->sales projections and give you the sky-high view of how you can go out and implement it after the HUG session.


We'll also dig deep into one of the strategic sections so you have a better sense of exactly what the execution will look like. You'll even see an example of the finished blueprint you might take back to your team, leadership, agency partner, or anyone else.






The HUG program helps customers connect and find a support group for topics that matter to them. It helps us solve for the community and in 2021 you will see that more than ever. Right now, it supports 150+ city-based user groups worldwide but we've ambitious plans to grow throughout 2021. This program serves to unite, educate and inspire customers with each other to help promote community-driven learning and development. 


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