Customising deal cards

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Hi, I want to be able to edit the look of a deal card so I can see which ones have been actioned whilst remaining in the same deal stage. 

For example, if a pitch has been booked, show the date of it. No date means no pitch booked. Or show the date of a booked task, or change the colour is a pitch has been booked or task scheduled.

The overall goal is to condense the pipeline into 4 stages, but still be able to see that a deal in the first stage has been acted upon without having to go and check emails or notes etc.

Any advice?

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Hey @Steve_SoPro


I'd recommend voting for this idea in our ideas forum. This request has been submitted in the past, so keeping an eye on that idea and giving it an upvote will be the best way to ensure that your feedback is in the right place. 




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