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Customer Portal using Custom Objects

So we have custom objects we created on HubSpot which we want to display to the user on a customer portal. For example a course certificate exam name the user wrote and a total price of the exam the user wrote is some of the examples we want to display to the user. The provided data is stored in the HubSpot CRM under custom objects.


Is it possible to achieve the above using a customer portal?

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Customer Portal using Custom Objects

Hi @DduPlessis ,

Only conversations that are associated with a ticket will appear in the customer portal; this includes messages sent to a chat , Facebook Messenger, form submission, or connected team email channel. Emails sent to or from an email address that is not connected to the conversations inbox will not appear in the customer portal.

Here is the reference article:

I hope it helps!
Thank you

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Customer Portal using Custom Objects

Hi @deepikaverma!


Thanks for sharing 🙂




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