Custom objects - fetching recently updated records - deleted items/associations


As it's not possible to take advantage of the event subscriptions available in Hubspot Apps (Custom objects aren't supported). I've built something to fetch recently modified custom object records using the search API (/crm/v3/objects/p12345_custom/search).


I've run into a couple of snags however and any suggestions or workarounds would be appreciated:


1. I need to know when a custom object is deleted - it seems that it is not possible to see archived records using the search API.


2. Whenever a contact is associated to the custom object the hs_lastmodifieddate field is not updated, therefore it does not appear in my API request for recently modifed records.


Additionally is there any timeline for when custom objects will be supported in Hubspot Apps as both cases are handled perfectly by it for Contacts/Companies/Deals?



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Hello webdew


Thanks for the response. So for point 1 it's just not possible to get any indication or event through when a custom object is deleted?


For point 2 to clarify I just need to see the modified date change on the custom object when a contact is associated to the custom object. You suggested it does this however my tests indicate it does not. I used the API call to check. Associating records did not change the hs_lastmodifieddate field - it only changed when updating a field on the custom object record itself.




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Hi @Mc8 ,

For the first point: 1 if the custom object has been cannot see that.

Second, if you do any updation in custom object then it will not update hs_lastmodifieddate field in contacts...but only in custom object.

Hope this helps!