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Custom forms with custom fields?

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I'm new to HubSpot CRM and - really - all of their products beyond Website Grader / Marketing Grader.


I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to create a form, of sorts, with custom Properties (I call them fields but this seems to be the HubSpot terminology) so I can store information about specific aspects of a clients business.


For example, I want to know the number of leads and sales they get from all of their channels and by product or service before we begin advertising for them so we establish a baseline. This is something we already to in our previous CRM tool but I'm hoping it's something we can do with HubSpot CRM somehow. But I'm not really seeing anything like this.


Can anyone clarify for me? Thank you!

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Hi @s3w47m88 


Yes, it's super easy to set your own Custom Properties for Contacts, Companies, Deals, etc.


And you can use thos properties for filtering and reporting.


Here's the how to guide:




Have fun