Custom Property vs Custom Object

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I'm setting up our CRM. We have customers coming from multiple partners (resellers). Hence, I want to match up each new contact/company with the right partner (choose from the selection of them).
Hence, it is better to create a Custom Property on the Company Object or a Custom Object for resellers (partners)?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches?




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Hi @Zuzi for the time being, Custom Objects is not recommended if you want to send emails to those objects. If you see partners as individual contacts it would be better to use custom properties (and mark those partners as contacts) instead of custom objects for the time being. If you see partners as a separate entity to companies or contacts you could potentially benefit from Custom Objects. Take into account that you need an Enterprise subscription to use Custom Objects and that for new objects you will need to define the relationships with existing objects (contacts, companies, deals, etc.)  Creating a new Object implies a complex process of relationship with other objects so I would only recommend this approach if necessary. It will, of course, depend on the data that you need to handle in the object "partners" and the relationships with the other objects. You could also benefit from our new model of marketing contacts since you could have contacts like partners in the CRM that you don't necessarily need to send marketing emails to.  For marketing contacts I recommend talking to a customer success manager in HS. I hope this helps, but more than happy to give more information. Thanks