Custom Field with multiple answers

I want to add a custom property to our Company records to hold the ERP account number.  But some companies can have more than 1 account number and I want us to be able to input these and store in a single field on the Company record, not to have fields like AccountNo#1, AccountNo#2 etc...
I guess the data type I have in mind is similar to how the Domain Name field works.  You can add a number of these into the one field and be able to search/filter against them etc...
Is it possible ?  It's not multi line text, it's not picking from a list, it's like allowing the input to be an array of strings ....
Anyone come across and fixed this already ?


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Custom Field with multiple answers

Hi @DOakes,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! 

This is an interesting use case 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with us. 


I wanted to share this knowledge base article on creating custom properties in HubSpot. You can add a search feature to up to 3 custom properties in your account: 
"Select the Show in search checkbox (Enterprise only) to make values in the property searchable across objects in the global search bar. You can create up to three searchable properties per object." 


Users with Account access permissions can search by custom single-line text, multi-line text, and number properties with Shown in search selected.

Our global search bar uses machine learning across multiple parameters to find matches on your record. You can read more about our search bar and its capabilities in this knowledge base article


I also wanted to invite our subject matter experts to this conversation to see if they have advice: 
Hi @johnelmer@Mike_Eastwood@mangelet - Do you have any suggestions for @DOakes's custom property use case? Thank you!




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