Custom Field for Notes in activities feed? How do I solve my form fills going into Contacts Column?


Hi there, 


I'm trying to resolve an issue where it appears my forms are going to a custom field called "Notes" in the Contact Column. This wouldn't usually be a problem because I can just make my sales team select that new "Notes" field, making it visible. The problem is the notes have no time stamp when this is done and they can easily be overwritten!


This is happening with useful information like the lead's first request!


At the base minimum (since I'm using the free client) I want to know if there's a custom field I can create for multitext that will show in the Activity feed?


Ultimately the problem I'm trying to solve would be setting it up so these important messages like their initial form fills as to why they contacted us are pinned or at least made to appear in the notes section or the Activity Feed. 


I have a API zap that's my answering service is using to create new contacts in HubSpot and add notes, but it's all being added to the Contact column and then I'm having to manually go in and copy paste them into a proper NOTE that'll appear in the activity feed, it's really the only major problem we've run into since migrating over to HubSpot. AgileCRM was very simple to set this kind of thing up as well as SharpSpring but I'm finding it very difficult on the free version of HubSpot to do anything remotely like a phone note or client origination note.

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Hi BryceMc,


So good and bad news. The notes in the activity stream are intended to be used for internal notes about the contact, so that you can communicate between teams and keep notes to self about the contact based on interaction you had with them. That being the case, if you were to allow contacts to directly add to the internal notes, it could quickly get out of hand and muddy the water for your team.


I definitely see your point though about pinning key info this section, and maybe there are plans to give users some more control over this sort of thing. However, not currently.


On a more positive note, since you have the notes mapped to a custom property, you can view a property's history by clicking on "Details" when hovering over the property. This will show you the date stamp of when it was changed, how it was changed (api), and what any previous values were.


Im not certain if it is available in the free version, but I know for some of the paid versions of hubspot you can also customize what info is shown about the contact in the contact details panel, so you could move notes to a more prominent position.




"That being the case, if you were to allow contacts to directly add to the internal notes, it could quickly get out of hand and muddy the water for your team."


Oh no, I don't want my contacts to be able to add notes. Or maybe that wasn't clear, what I want is the form fill to exist in the activity section, showing what was requesting. 


But that's fine, the rest of your suggestion is actually what I came on yesterday.