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Hi! Ran into my first problem - How does one create a custom field that is visible on the right sidebar that allows for a pdf file upload? Would also like to make this file/ link to a pdf file visible when viewing contacts (next to name, company, usertype ect.)


Thanks in advance!

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Custom Cards



I'm not familiar with a right side card option that can highlight one particular document under attachments or an isolated card just for one attachment. Hopefully someone may able to share exactly what you need.


However, there may be a workaround for quickly identifying the file link by using a file type property. In the example below, we will call the property "File X".


You can customize the left sidebar, index pages, and reports to place the file property where you'd like.


The file must be uploaded via form; there is not an "upload" option for the property inside the record page. To accommodate this, manually create a "default" value with the form link so your users have quick access to the link to upload the file. Try to use a submission link name that makes it clear your user needs to go to the page to upload the file.


The link is first stored as a separate url or text property. In this example, we will call that "File X Link".


Workflow to fill this:

Trigger: "File X" is unknown

Step 1: Set property value of 'File X Link" to ""


You could stop there. You can place the property with the link to submit right below the file property in the custom left sidebar. This is a good choice if this file can be uploaded multiple times, since the link to upload is close to the file itself and stays in the same location.


If it is best if your end users do not see two similar properties on the main record page or they will not need to access the form link again from the main record page, then you could copy the link into the file property itself. 


Step 2: Copy property value of "File X Link" to "File X".


When the file is submitted, it will overwrite the submission link with a link to the file.