Creating several contacts from same company




I'm new with HubSpot.  I have many business cards that need to be created in the Contact List.  


I realized that I have to create one-by-one the name, company name, etc for each person.  Then for another contact that is working in the same company, I have to repeat the same process.



Mr. A - from Siemens Ltd, UK

Mr. B - from Siemens Ltd, UK

Mr. C - from Siemens Ltd, UK


May I know if there is a way where I can skip this repetition process?  For example once I've created one person for the particular company, for the next contact, I only need to copy the whole data but change the name, position, tel/fax/hp, etc.


Appreciate your help.




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Hey @zuraina, I think that you could get around this by importing contacts into your CRM using an Excel spreadsheet! This article explains how to do that:


In the past, when I've needed to add many contacts that have similar attributes (like company name, address, etc.) I just add their individual information like Name and Email into Excel, and then paste/drag all of the "same" information in the cells next to their names and emails. That allows you to easily add corresponding information, and then import those contacts all at once. I hope that helps!


You could also use the bulk edit feature to edit multiple contacts that have already been created: