Creating lists to find contacts not opening emails


We use the lifecycle stages and the lowest level is subsciber.  That means, to us, they are only receiving marketing emails.  I am weeding through this list and I am sending an email that asks if they want to continue on our mailing list, repond or we will delete you.  I have sent the email to a few subscribers and I am trying to create a list to see who does not open my email.


I did contact owner is me

Lifecycle stage is subscriber

recent sales email open date before 10/2019


Shouldn't I get a list of anyone that is a subscriber, assigned to me, that has not opened my emails for 6 months?  I am getting people that recent email open was recently.


If I did it wrong, how do I create the list?



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Hi @APCJon , 


I think you might have used the OR option rather than the AND option for you list criteria. Please let me know if this is the case. If not, please attach a screenshot so I can help you further. 


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I changed the recent email open date to unknown and I got a list of people that have never opened my emails.