Creating a workflow automation to copy multiple company properties to deals


Hi there,


I'm trying to create a workflow automation that copies multiple company properties to deal properties.


For instance, there is property called Market Segment in both company and deal properties. As soon a deal is created, this workflow should get the Market Segment data from the related company and update the Market Segment field for the deal I created.


My current workflow looks like:

Company Enrollment Trigger
Market Segment is known
Copy property value
Copy company property Market Segment to deal property Market Segment

Re-enrollment is also enabled.

Strangely it sometime works and sometimes doesn't. And sometimes it takes to update the field for only a few minutes and sometimes an hour. Also when I create the first deal for a company it seems like it works better but when I try to create a second/thrid deal for the same company, the workflow never works.

Can you please let me know how I could adjust the workflow to make sure that always works and works fast? Obviously we don't want to wait an hour for a workflow to trigger, it's just confusing for the team.

And yes, both Market Segment fields and their corresponding options are exactly the same between company and deal properties.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi @mdrnd, from what you are describing, I think the key area to focus in on is the re-enrollment triggers. Specifically, the "____ is known". When using the property filter "is known" as a re-enrollment trigger, records can re-enroll in two ways, per the documentation here:

  • The property gains a value after not previously having one.
  • The property is updated from one value to another. For example, a contact's lifecycle stage changing from Lead to Subscriber would qualify for Lifecycle stage is known. Each time this contact's lifecycle stage is updated, they would re-enroll in the workflow.

With this in mind, I would recommend exploring the use of "is any of" and selecting all of the values in the Market Segment property that you referenced. Then, assuming you have your re-enrollment triggers set to on for all of those values, this should get you closer to reaching your goal.


Hope this helps.


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The result is similar to what I had before. Any other suggestions? Thanks