Creating a list of "bounced" contacts

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In some contacts, I see a message that says "Contact has bounced globally" which I understand means that other CRM organisations have found the email address to be invalid.


How do I generate the list of all my contacts which that applies to?  I can't see it as a field in the contact, and the static list of Bounced Marketing emails only works for emails I have sent


This would be really useful to ensure I am cleaning my database.


Also, when sending marketing emails do emails to these contacts automatically get excluded?  I don't want to send to lots of invalid email addresses for risk of being potentially blocked.


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Hi @DarrenSimons,


You're looking for "Email Hard Bounce Reason".  This KB article should see you right.


Also, "When contacts hard bounce on a marketing email, HubSpot drops them as recipients of future marketing emails. This protects your email sending reputation by preventing future bounces." (source).

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Thank you for this.  Interestingly I thought I had done this via a filter but I didn't select the Email hard bounce reason general enough (i.e. "is known"). This has given me a lot more results which is good, and the protection point is noted.


However, I do still have some contacts where I see the message under contact regarding "Global bounce" which are not being captured by the process you described.  It appears the extract you have described here is triggered on a marketing email being sent by our instance of Hubspot, but is there a way to collect the data for all contacts.


The specific issue I have here is we have 500 email addresses from another internal platform which we want to move across, but I don't want to email those 500 to find out if their email address is correct when Hubspot is showing "global bounce".


Many thanks,