Creating a dropdown in activities

Is it possible to include a “relationship score” at the contact / company level.


Is it possible to create a multiple select dropdown menu that is ticked, for example if a client attended an event in 2013 or applied to an award in 2016, spoke at an event in 2017, received a pitch in 2018?

Could this be done using different “products” or “activities”?

Is there product section, where you see where you are selling multiple products / with a revenue thing attached to it?

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Key Advisor | Diamond Partner

Creating a dropdown in activities

Hey @ELar7,


Creating the Relationship Score on the contact/company is possible.  You could go with a raw number field here or use an actual scoring property that increments up or down based on certain criteria that you set.


For the Multi-Select field, this is possible as well, but I think instead of one master field it might make sense to have one for each of the items you've referenced:

  • Events Attended
  • Awards Applied to
  • Speaker at Event
  • Received a Pitch

As fo the products, this can be done with line items on the deal and populate the above via a series of If/Then logic branches based on the custom field of a line item or the name for instance.


Hope that helps!

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