Creating Report to track changes in Deal stages


How to track the deals per team member, how many deals were changed to closed lost or won etc. 


Need this information on weekly/ monthly basis for my team. 

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Hi @afrinkazi . With our reporting add-on, you can able to measure deals by team member by week, and further show which stages the deals are in (per team member). You can also build a funnel report that measures how many deals passed through selected stages, so that you can see percentage rates of deals that have fully closed. 


The reporting add-on is a paid feature ($200 per month) but you can activated a free 30-day trial by selecting Products and Add-ons from your account menu.  You can find tips and tricks for building reports here.


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I would like this feature too but don't want to pay an additional $200 a month for it. I already pay extra for Sales Pro for sales users and also have the Ads Add-on.