Creating Email trigger when document is uploaded to deal

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Hi everyone,


Here's what I'm wanting to do:


Trigger: Our accounting team uploads an executed contract into a deal, showing that it's closed and won. 


Need: an automated email to go to the account owner letting them know the contract was uploaded


Seems very simple to me, but I'm not sure if it's possible.


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Hi @JBaggott,


For some activites on (deal) records, HubSpot automatically takes note, e.g. Last modified date or Last activity date. However, HubSpot is not keeping track of documents uploaded to a record.


If you want an email to be automatically sent, then you'd have to let HubSpot know that a contract was uploaded to a deal, for example by creating a custom deal property Contract uploaded with the options Yes and No. The person uploading the contract would have to set this to Yes manually. You could then use this value as enrollment trigger for an automated email to your accounting team. If you choose this option, I'd recommend customizing the sidebar to show this property right there. It's not ideal but the only workaround I can think of that does not require a manual email send.


There might also be a custom solution using the API, requiring some development.


Hope this helps!

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