Created contacts disappeared


Ive been manually creating contacts. I did my initial 227 -with names k-z (took a photo as i was halfway through). Took a break an the added about another 200, names a-j.
It was showing a total of over 400 contacts (Cant remember the exact number but remember being proud of inputing over 400 contacts in)
Then i made an email. When i went back to my contacts page theres currently only 209 contacts...
I thought maybe it didnt save my most recent contacts or only saved my recent ones but i have names from a-z so its showing a mix or both uploads.
I uploaded all on one page (Same tab)
Ive checked deleted or restored and theyre not there. I dont have any filters on. Im viewing all pages. I am the only person with acess and only set up a hubspot account today.

Where have the 200+ contacts gone??

Please help!

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Created contacts disappeared

Hi @CBenwell ,

First thing I would like to suggest to use Import function to create mas contacts:

If you have created contacts then they mut be in the system.  Double-check that your contact view is not filtered by any specific criteria that might be excluding the contacts you expect to see. Click on "Filters" at the top of the contact list and ensure that all filters are cleared.

Sometimes, issues with data display can be related to browser cache or cookies. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, then refresh the page to see if the contacts reappear.

If this still doesn't help, connect with HubSpot support if you have paid accont.

Hope this helps!