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Create contact filter update time from today for 3 month by one click?

Contributeur occasionnel

Currently, we can create contacts filter by "Last Time Update" and "Before One Month". After saving it, we can easily use this filter.


BUT...While I want to filter contacts by  "Last Time Update" and "Before 3 Month" or "Any Other Time".  I can't save this setting.  So I need to adjust the time period every time.  It's no good : (


Why we need this function because some customer just needs to contact by 3 months or by half year.  Don't tell me I can choose by time period every time.  Please write some code to reduce my duplicate action. 


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Gestionnaire de communauté

Hello @chihao can you please share a screenshot of the filter settings? When you say you 'cannot save' do you mean the option is unavailable or are you seeing an error message?

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