Create company or contact first?


So I was creating the company first, but when I go to create the contact I have to repeat entering in certain fields.

Should I be creating the contact first so I don't have to do this extra work?

I was also hoping the system would know that the company I just created was attached to the contact I'm in the middle of creating & filling in the rest of the data, but I don't think it is.


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Hi @RapidFinancial 


The company specific fields on a contact record are unrelated to those on the company record itself. They are there so that you can capture them via form, or enter them quickly along with the contact (similar to a Salesforce lead), prior to creating a company record. 


If you have HubSpot's automatic company creation and association feature turned on, I would recommend creating contacts first, as their email domain can drive the creation of companies and automatic population of some company properties, removing the need to put this information on the contact record at all. 


Hope this helps.

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