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My company uses a word doc called a Company or Deal Summary. It is a two-page document that captures specific details of the company, the contact information, and deal specifics. Currently, our sales team sorts through our Hubspot notes and properties to find the data and then types it into the word doc.


Is there a marketplace app that will allow me to create a custom form that will pull over data that is already populated in Hubspot?


Please note: this is not something that is consumer-facing, it is not going to be on our website, this is internal use only.

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Hi @DWeaver ,

I couldn't find any app to export HubSpot data onto a doc. Why not use HubSpot's internal export tool to export data, only issue is it will be tranferred onto an excel doc. Check this article here
Also check this thtread here, you might get some idea from here.

Hope this helps!

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