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Anyone have a best practice to create am active employees list updated in real-time when employees leave the company and join/


Today our company has the IT team in charge of updated lists. we can maybe use the SF and HS integration but would love to hear your input on this. 


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Hi @BarIT,


Are you looking to use the HubSpot users to keep track of this, or are all of your employees also contacts in your portal?


@Mike_Eastwood@Bryantworks@MFrankJohnson do you have any suggestions for how to organize this information?


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Thanks for the tag, @jennysowyrda.


>>"Employees active list" ...updated in real-time when employees join and leave the company?

Basically, an additional task added to the current list of onboarding and offboarding tasks -- i.e., grant email address, grant network access, issue phone extension, etc.. Here's an idea ...


Build an 'employee only' form that lives on a private subdomain. Have all persons who complete that form added to an Employees list in your CRM of record, and (as Mike _Eastwood pointed out) added to integrated systems (as needed).

If you require IP Address as one of the form fields, you can use that data to exclude them from marketing statistics.


A custom flag to identify their status could trigger a custom integration to disable accounts in other systems -- e.g., 'Employee status' = active, leave, or inactive.


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Hope that helps.


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Hi @BarIT 


Without knowing exactly what you need (happy to chat) there is a HubSpot API (Application Programmers Interface) to get information about Owners (HubSpot Users).


Not sure how geeky you are... we can write code to pull information out of HubSpot into another system. It's custom code so it takes time and budget.


Happy to discuss.