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I'm trying to translate a given company's activities (logged calls, emails etc.) over to its associated contacts via a workflow, but am unable. It seems that if an activity is originating from the company then it fails to link the activity to the associated contact's record.


Any ideas for automating this? Am I missing something? I'd appreciate any and all help!



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Hi @AndyRe,


When we train users on the CRM system we always train to start at the contact level and allow information to flow down through the associated company, deal, ticket, etc. In most cases, you're dealing with person when you're having any sort of interaction, not the business entity, even in B2B situations. Generally, that person(s) would be where you log a call, email, etc. 


I very rarely come across an example where I would recommend starting at the company level unless no contacts were involved, because of the issue you're having now.


This doesn't solve your issue, I know. With a better understanding of the situation, I might be able to suggest a workaround. Let me know if you'd like to talk through this.




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Hey Josh,


I have the same concern as the user who made the original post. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I would respectfully say there is a very important use case for when a user would be involved with the company before the contact, and that would be in regards to cold calling. My team makes calls into companies, and then figures out a decision maker by getting through a gate keeper. We need to have all of the company information copied to the contact records. It's be a real doozy trying to figure out. By utilizing workflows we can copy company properties to contact properties, but not when they are activity based. Any more thoughts on this my friend? Again, thank you! 


I would love an answer to this as well.


I would like a response on this as well