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Copy Lead Source from First Deal Closed Won to Company Lead Source


I am looking for guidance on how to copy the FIRST closed won Deal Lead Source to the Company Record Lead Source. We want to look at where our leads (companies) are coming from. We have aways used Contacts, but the way our business runs it makes more sense to use Companies. I am looking to set up a workflow that will copy the Lead Source of the FIRST closed won deal we have associated with that company, to the company record. Is there a way to historically do this? I can do it moving forward for companies that never had a deal, but I would like to cleanup historical first. Any ideas?

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Copy Lead Source from First Deal Closed Won to Company Lead Source

Hey @SComeau 

so we usually see this information in a different way.

Contacts and Company source is the way they meet you, heard about your company. This could be social media, paid media or even imported from an Event database.

In the case of Deals when you take a look at the source this mean attributing to your effort the creation of that new customer.

So for this last step I'd go with the Deals attribution report.

If you have an Enterprise Portal

you can set this attribution report in the middle column of your company record

to the khow how your deals (or even better your closed won deal) where created, this mean, how are you developing opportunites interest.

Does this make sense for you?

Here is some info about Attribution reports:

and how set you Middle column with the report:


hope this helps

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