Contacts who update their email addresses are creating duplicate records?


Hi everyone,


We are a SaaS company using HubSpot Enterprise and have over 85K contacts. I'm struggling with duplicate contact records. Many of clients use free email addresses such as gmail, etc.


What I'm finding is that when they update their email address in our app, instead of updating their HubSpot record, HS sees the new email address and creates a duplicate contact record.


Does anyone else have this issue, and/or have any suggestions for how to manage this, or am I just stuck with merging one by one - there are over 2,000 duplicates now, and that's the limit HubSpot reports on...there are more, I'm sure. 

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Hello @Jackrabbit 


As we all know that HubSpot works mainly on Contact email as it's a unique identifier. The case to update or create new one depends on the method it is done.
HubSpot tracking script has this capability to update the emails of same contact record when they are updated at other end. Or a other solution on app level could be creating some conditional logics to identify if a contact needs update and then making an Update call to HubSpot.

Else HubSpot will always take a new email as new entry unless it is somehow guided to understand what to do.



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You might want to upvote this idea -


The more upvotes, the more likely it will be developed.  

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Thank you. I'll look into the HubSpot tracking script and see what we can do. I appreciate your response and insight.