Contacts list showing up but no companies

I am trying to help a coworker get set up on his phone.
When he logs in there are contacts but no companies. So, he has the contacts and if he goes into a contact, you can see they are associated with the companies but there are no companies on the list. If he goes into a contact and then opens the association and sees the company , the company then becomes listed as a company. Confusing, I know. I just need to refresh his company list or something. So if he went and opened each contact and clicked the associations, that specific company name will now be listed under companies.
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Hi @JoeBob,


Yeah, that's a bit odd. First, just to double-check, please be sure there is not a filter on the company view. If there isn't and the company records still aren't populating, my suggestion would be to first try logging out and back into the app. If that doesn't solve the issue, uninstall and reinstall the app.


Good luck!



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