Contacts association label

In a Contact in Hubspot, the right sidebar has Company. When you move your mouse pointer over it, you can click Preview to see a preview of the Company.In the preview, can the Contacts section be moved to the top.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Contacts association label

Hi @AppuMurugan,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

Just to make sure I understand, once you are on a contact record, on the right sidebar, you click on the "preview" of the company and you would like to be able to edit the section in this preview, is that right?

At the moment, I can see that you are able to "Customize the right sidebar of records".

You can see on this post "Allow Customization of Preview Panel and Record Right Sidebar" the update from @LRosenbloom which indicates that "the preview panel is not included in that project, but it is something our teams are exploring for the future.".

I recommend that you upvote for this idea and that you "follow" it so that you can receive notifications when the feature will be available 🙂

I hope this helps!

Have a lovely day!

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